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Learn To Draw Nudes

Nudes may or may not be something that you are interested in drawing long term, but every artist should learn to draw nudes. When you know how to draw the nude body, you can draw practically anything no matter how detailed. When you have experience drawing nudes it will give you great perspective so that you have an easier time drawing facial features, torsos, and even hands. When you see the nude body and you draw all of its intricacies, drawing the human form in any setting simply becomes easier.

Learn To Draw Nudes

If you currently struggle with drawing people well and having all of their features balance out, you should definitely learn to draw nudes. Drawing the nude human figure is all about special relationships and creating the body on paper as it really appears before you. Drawing people is difficult, but if you start with a basis you have a strong foundation to build upon instead of starting with clothed people or people in action. Learning 2 Draw is here to help.

There are many reasons to learn to draw nudes including:

  • The human body is beautiful and you may find that you enjoy drawing it
  • It will help you with all of your other sketching projects
  • It is good practice with detailed drawing, shading, and spatial relationships
  • You may find that you feel more in touch with your own body

When you learn to draw nudes, you will be able to draw pieces that mean something to you, even if they are never seen by anyone else. For instance, you may see a small child running down the beach and want to capture the picture. When you know how to capture the nudity in the right way, you can create a remarkable picture. Likewise, when you see a beautiful woman walking down a nude beach, you will be able to capture that beauty forever on paper.

Nudity is beautiful and because the human form is often inspiring to artists and it is a good idea to know how to draw them. Drawing the human form is hard because you may not be sure where to start. Learning 2 Draw can show you where to start -- all you have to do to get started is visit us at www.learning2draw.com and you will get all of the information and advice you have ever wanted on drawing nudes as well as just about anything else.


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